Roaming Traveller

A Brand that seamlessly merges the latest in fashion, technology and comfort to offer a range of clothing that offers protection to the wearer as they go about their day.

Roaming Traveller  is the brainchild of 3 apparel experts who have been in the business of both fashion and technical apparel across activewear and swimwear. Pre Covid-19, the travel industry was taking massive leaps in being a trend that was on everybody’s bucket list with the desire to roam and explore. With the Founders being both business and leisure travellers themselves, they saw all the flaws in clothing that commuters were resorting to wear over long haul flights for example. The need to wear comfortable, and stylish clothing with confidence was a no brainer. Why confidence? Well, we know what it’s like to be doing long distance commutes from one airport to another and sleep, eat, fly and walk in the same set of cloths for hours. To be able to do this with confidence that your cloths smell and stay fresh and are odourless despite the many long hours on body is massively reassuring.

Add in the comfort of cloths that fit well, yet give you room to breath and move, all whilst staying wrinkle free. No more jeans that sit like deadweight on your waistline, or seeing gym cloths worn for travel simply because there is no other alternative. A product line for travel was in incubation.

Then came Covid-19 with all the dangers it presents to every commuter, be it by road, rail or air. Just going to the grocery store touching, picking and paying at the register are now all touch-points that offer risk of the virus taking a journey of their own on your cloths and fingers, not to mention the droplets from close contact.

Roaming Traveller added another important dimension to the Brand. Using the best of technology in anti-virus and bacterial finishes on to fabric from the leading Swiss Company HeiQ, all Roaming Traveller products for travel will have the HeiQ Viroblock finish, thus protecting the wearer from a host of virus and bacteria that could otherwise ride on clothes or transmit from contact with surfaces infested with the microbes.

Roaming Traveller’s 1st launch is a set of mask and gloves that come in a range of solids and prints thus offering a new trend in fashionable accessories that match back and are in trend on print and colour. They are comfortably constructed to stretch and fit right. The glove construction is well thought through and has a sleek pocket to hold your travel card or credit/debit card which enables the wearer to touch and go. It also has technically advanced prints on the thumb and forefinger so that the wearer can operate any touch screen device without having to take off the glove. We all know just how much of germs get on to our phones! The mask is designed to sit snug in the outside whilst being comfortable on the inside with room to breath and talk without the feeling of being constrained. Both the mask and glove have the HeiQ Viroblock finish, thus ensuring that the wearer has greater protection from microbial partials that may be looking to hitch a ride. The mask also has the additional protection of the PM2.5 filter.

Our 2nd launch of product will offer some more exciting products designed for the new world as we commute back to work and borders open for travel.

Stay Safe, Stay Protected… and Stylishly So